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Harrisburg Garden Club
Yard of the Month

Harrisburg Garden Club
Yard of the Month
Theme - Thanksgiving

The Harrisburg Garden Club selection for the October Yard of the Month is 206 W Jackson - Ms Jerrie McArthur's home.  She does all her own yard work and also has beautiful sides and back yard also. Drive by and view this yard, the picture does not give it justice.
Honorable Mention is 104 East Street - Ms. Debbie Romans

The Harrisburg Garden Club November Yard of the Month theme is Thanksgiving.  They will be judging on the most unique and floral Thanksgiving Yard decoration.  So if you see anyone with a yard that fits that description, please call 870-578-4104 and nominate them for Yard of the Month.  That is the only way that that yard can win!!!
The Harrisburg Chamber Buzz

Here at the Harrisburg Area Chamber of Commerce, we have started a new Harrisburg Chamber Buzz/Mark Your Calendar for each month. If you have an event that needs to be known and would like me to put in on the Harrisburg Chamber Buzz, just give us a call at 870-578-4104 by the 25th of October for the November calendar.  Here is the link to the October Calendar so if you need to you can print it out. 
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